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The Mountaineers Volunteers/Staff

The Mountaineers was formed in 1906 to explore the wild areas and peaks surrounding the still-young city of Seattle. Today, it is home to around 10,500 active members.  Although The Mountaineers has a small full-time staff, nearly 1,000 volunteers run most of the programs. Volunteer leaders do everything from leading trips to teaching classes to promoting their programs

In addition to the recreational activities we pursue, The Mountaineers works to ensure that wilderness areas are preserved and protected through the actions of our Conservation, Recreation Resources and Stewardship divisions. Volunteer members track issues, mobilize members, perform trail maintenance, work with coalitions and lobby legislators (local and national).  It's easy to get involved with The Mountaineers. We offer trips, classes and events for all experience levels. So if you are an absolute beginner with a desire to get outside, or you are an experienced outdoor enthusiast, we have something for you. Our trips range from easy to very strenuous, with everything in between. You pick your own pace.  Members pay annual dues and most trips are free. Courses usually charge a fee, but members will find that these fees are less than those of commercial institutions, and members receive a substantial discount on classes we offer to the public.

Our purposes are:

To explore, study and enjoy the mountains, forests and watercourses of the Northwest and beyond

To gather into permanent form the history and traditions of these regions and explorations

To preserve, by the encouragement of protective legislation or otherwise, the natural beauty of the natural environment

To make expeditions and provide educational opportunities in fulfillment of the above purposes

To encourage a spirit of good fellowship among the lovers of outdoor life

To hold and sustain landscapes, properties and program sites for the furtherance of the purposes of the organization

This Pro Deal team is a benefit for our Mountaineers volunteers who are current members and who have volunteered on 5 or more occasions in the past calendar year