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Who in my organization is eligible for

A. Staff members, board members and select others who regularly participate in high-profile activities that would qualify them as a true brand advocate. See other types of members.


Is free for my organization?

A. It's free. Brands pay to gather advocates, build online stores and distribute discounted merchandise.


Could we integrate this with our current intranet / secure member access point?

A. The short answer is YES. However the solution will vary by organization, so call or email eXperticity for more information. Our Member Services team will work with you to develop the most efficient solution for you and your members.


How can I find out more?

A. Contact us, we have staff on hand to get started on We will outline the various programs and their benefits for your organization.


What does the reporting tool tell me?

A. The member organization reporting tool can tell team administrators who their members are buying from, what they are purchasing, and how active they are on the platform. These statistics can help member organizations determine the collective purchasing power of their members.


Who uses

A. Yes, the basic package is free to member organizations. How can we offer services for free? Because, with your help, our solutions reduce the abuse of pro purchase programs and the cost of their administration for Brands, while increasing their sales. So, we charge them (the Brands) a small fee. Email eXperticity for more information. See all teams participating on