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Silverton Mountain Resort

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Silverton Mountain is a unique mountain experience. There is one chairlift that takes you into a high alpine environment surrounded by amazing ski lines in every direction. The terrain is entirely for the advanced and expert skier and those who enjoy adventure. Silverton Mountain operates in a one of a kind fashion in that certain times of year it provides guided only skiing with small amounts of skiers on a daily basis (similar to a cat or heli operation), and other times of year it allows unguided skiing. Avalanche gear is required to ride the lift at all times.

 There are loads of bowls, chutes, cliffs and wonderful natural terrain features to be discovered during a visit to Silverton Mountain. It is the highest Ski Area in North America with a peak of 13,487’ and it is also the steepest with no easy way down. The mountain is left in it’s natural state with the exception of the avalanche reduction work which occurs. The chairlift unloads at the top of a beautiful cirque which provides easy hiking along a ridge to access up to 1,819 acres of snow fields.