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944,069 gathers and qualifies high-profile consumers then connects them with companies willing to offer targeted online discounts as a way to increase product visibility

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What is

A. Promotive is an online tool that connects influential consumers with brands using discounted merchandise as an incentive.


How does Promotive qualify members for discounts?

A. Customers join or are assigned to teams of people who share common interests or associations. Promotive teams qualify for discounts based on their expertise, their associations and their influence over other consumers.


Which brands do I get access to?

A. Each team you join gives you access to different brands. Brands decide which teams they give access to and what the discount is.


What is the discount?

A. As deep as 70% off the suggested retail price.


What is a team?

A. A team is a group of like-minded brand advocates such as a bike racing team or a search-and-rescue group. Brands offer discounts to teams based on their interests, activities and high profile.


What is a code?

A. A code is a way to register for access to a team on Teams aggregate users and enable access to discounted brands.


What is a team application?

A. A team application is an online form potential team members must complete in order to join a team.


How can brands be sure discounts aren't abused?

A. Promotive uses an extensive online team application that qualifies and groups members based on interests, affiliations and exposure to other consumers. Armed with that information, brands decide who gets discounts and how much of a discount each team receives.


How is this different from other pro deals?

A. Promotive replaces isolated, single-brand pro deals with an online community that incorporates multiple brands instead. We gather dozens of brands in one convenient place and give members an easy, paperless way to buy discounted merchandise.


How can I get started?

A. Sign up for a Promotive account and join a team that suits your affiliations. Once you belong to a team, then you can start shopping the brands that your team (or teams) are associated with.


How can brands participate?

A. Brands can contact us to develop a solution that meets your needs. Or see our other products at eXperticity.