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Every athlete profits from properly designed compression products and according tothe latest scientific research conducted, CEP compression provides additional oxygen to the muscles This consequently opens a new market: functional sportsclothing with compression, i.e. compression sportswear.  CEP Is medically tuned compression designed for the athlete to increase performance and recovery. 

Why CEP Compression Sportswear?

  • Medically proven sports compression made by the world leader in medical compression stockings and garments – medi in Bayreuth, Germany
  • CEP is the founder of real compression sportswear and will be the innovation leader
  • Increase athletes performance, running times and recovery
  • Alleviate injuries, shin splints, cramps, IT band issues and more
  • Compression is worn by some of the best endurance athletes in the world: Dave Scott, Matt Reed, Andy Potts, Chris McDonald, Timo Bracht
  • 30 Day no questions asked guarantee to your customers – CEP will improve their performance and increase recovery. – CEP is guaranteed!

To become a CEP Compression Pro please enter your code in the box to the left.