What is is an online marketplace for Pros who have significant sales influence within personal and professional communities. A site where professionals and enthusiasts who are looked to as trends setters and “people in the know” are given discounts and insider information straight from manufacturers in with the hopes that they will share this information with their inner circles.
How does Work?
Member’s signup for free on and find teams to join. These teams could be very broad, like in the case of a team for firefighters, or very specific to an organization, like in the case of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) Alumni Team. Manufacturers make permanent deep discounts available to members of the team based on who the brand thinks are influential for their Brand. Your discounts are valid for as long as you meet the criteria to be on the team.

My Account/Login:

Can anyone be a part of
Yes, it’s free however you might not be able to receive discounts from Brands unless you meet the criteria to join one or more teams.
How do I sign up for
Signing up for is simple and free. Click here to start registering. After entering your email address you will be prompted to create a Member ID and Password and fill out some basic Profile information to allow you to join Teams and get Brand discounts.
What is a Member ID?
A member ID is your login username, which you will create.
How do I change my Member ID?
Go to the My Account tab and click the edit profile/login button, you will be able to change your member ID
I can’t remember my member ID or email?
If you can’t remember your member ID or email you may also login with either one, then go to the My Account tab to see what your member id is. If you still cannot remember your email address or member ID please contact us and we’d be glad to assist you.
I can’t remember my password?
If you cannot remember your password, click here to have it reset and a temporary password will be sent to you.
I forgot my password?
Go to and click "Lost Password". A temporary password will be emailed to you. If you're still having trouble, Contact Us and we will help you to access your account.
How do I change my Member ID, Password, and/or email?
Use the 'My Profile' link (when you are signed into to manage your Member ID, Password and/or email address. If you're still having trouble, Contact Us and we will help you to manage your account.
I didn’t receive my password reset email?
Sometimes email gets trapped in your spam filters, check there first. If you never received your reset email please contact us and we’ll assist you. Also, add to your safe list to make sure you receive all emails.
My temporary password didn’t work?
Passwords are case-sensitive, please be sure you’re entering the password correctly. If you are going to copy and paste, please be sure not to copy any spaces before or after the password. If you are still unable to access your acct, please contact us and we’ll reset it with you on the phone
How do I change my email?
Go to the My Account tab and click the edit profile/login button, you will be able to change your email or add another email address to your account
What is a code and do I need one?
Codes are optional and are given to members by some Manufacturers and Teams to help members get onto specific teams or access to certain discounts. Don’t worry if you don’t have one you can still join and apply to join teams.
I have a code, how do I use it?
If you have not logged in you can enter it on the homepage or your teams homepage. If you are logged in click the “Have a Code?” button on the Shop Brands or Teams Tab
What if my code is not working?
If you're having problems with a specific code please feel free to contact us and we can help deterime how to help you redeem your code
I requested an Email Activation and I haven’t received it?
Sometimes email gets trapped in your spam filters, check there first. If you never received your Activation email please login to your account and click on the My Account area, here you can have the email resent to you. If you still have not received it please contact us and we’ll assist you. Also, add to your safe list to make sure you receive all emails.
How long does it take to get my Email activation email?
You should receive your activation email immediately after you complete your registration. If you have not received it check your spam folder. If you still did not receive an email please feel free to contact us and we can assist you.
The link in my email activation email didn’t work?
Try copying the link from the email and pasting it into your browsers address bar. If this link still doesn’t work please contact us and we can help activate your email.
Why do I need a profile?
Profiles’ are a way for to suggest teams you may be eligible to join their team. The more robust your profile the better team suggestions you receive.


Who can I invite to
You should refer any one you know that might be able to join one of the teams on
How do I invite friends to
At the top of the screen click the invite-a-friend link, you can then invite your friends through Facebook, Twitter, by sharing a link with them, or by sending them an invite email from
What are ways I can share the invite-a-friend link?
Once you have your invite link you can email it to friends, post it to your facebook page, IM it, or print it out and hand it to someone.
What if the people I refer don’t get the email?
It either means the email is stuck in their spam filter and they should look for it, or they are already a member of
How do I see if I got credit for the friends I refer?
By checking the “sent invitations” link in the left hand column of the “My Account” page


How do I know which teams to join to get a certain brand?
Two ways: 1) you can go the “shop brands” page, click no the “all brand”s tab, and click on the brand you want access too. It will display all the teams that currently get that brand’s pro deal. Or 2) you can go the “teams” page, click the “all teams” tab and use the “sort teams by” dropdown to show you teams by a specific brand
How do I find teams to join?
Go to the “all teams” tab and use the sorting options to find the team you’re eligible to apply for.
Can anyone join a team?
Some teams are available by invitation only. Other teams are open for members to apply to join. Every application is carefully reviewed to make sure those applying meet the qualifications to join the team
I’ve been waiting for approval for a team for a while, what can I do?
Most applications are reviewed in 24-48 hours, if you have not heard back it could be that an email from landed in your SPAM folder. Otherwise please contact us and we can help determine what the status of your application is.
Why can’t I apply to certain teams?
Some teams are invitation only. This means that the organization behind the team has decided to control access by only allowing members to access the team through that organization.
What if my Organization doesn’t have a team on
Let us host one for you. Dozens of teams are started every month on and if you think your organization should have a team fill out this form and we will contact you about coming on board.
Who sees the information that I enter in my application?
In the case of an organization who is reviewing each application to join their team then a team administrator is reviewing it through the administration website. Most applications are reviewed by an internal application review. All information is kept private according for our privacy policy.
What if my application has been denied?
It’s most common for applications to be denied because there was not enough information in the original application, simply reapply and we will review the new information. If you application has been denied because you do not meet the criteria of the team simply go the teams page and find another team that you meet the criteria for and apply to that team.
What’s the difference between credentials and qualifications?
Credentials are official documents issued by an employer or organization, usually for the media, that show you are employed in that profession. Qualifications refer to what qualifies you to be a part of the team that you’re applying for.
What is a Team Administrator?
A Team Administrator is the person who approves and denies applications to a team, they also help request pro deals from manufactures for members of the team
My team membership says it expires in a few months, what do I do?
30 days before your membership is set to expire you will see a link allowing you to reapply for the team and keep your membership active. Please note that some teams have one time only membership and don’t allow renewals.
Why do I need to renew my team association?
Each member is asked to renew their team members every year, for the teams that are renewable, this makes sure all pros are still legitamate and can get the pro deal from a brand
What if I no longer qualify?
If you no longer qualify for a team and it has expired, you’ll want to find another team that you qualify for and apply for that team.
What if my team does not allow renewals?
Some teams are non-renewable. To continue accessing pro purchases on promotive, you’ll need to find another team that you qualify for and apply for that team.
What qualifies me to have access through the Retail Sales Professional Team?
This team is system controlled, and you will automatically be added to this team when you qualify for it. The requirements are as follows: Be registered on, Have an active retail sales association, Complete training on 3point5 within the last 90 days, Have placed an order within the last year on

Brand Pro Deals

What is My Pro Deals tab?
This is an area where you can see all the brands you currently have access to based on the teams you are a member of.
What is All Brands tab?
This is an area of the site where you can see all brands that are on, the ones you have access to and the ones you don’t. By clicking on the brands you don’t have access to you’ll see a list of teams you may be able to join to gain access to that brand.
What is the Specials tab?
This in an area of the site that you’ll be able to see all the additional specials that brands are running for their pros. Sometimes it’s an exclusive product, an extra discount, free shipping, etc. Check here whenever you log in to see if there’s a special running.
Why don’t I have access to a certain brand?
Brands give access to members based on what teams you are a member of. Your team membership is a way to show a brand why you’re a pro in a way that been verified. Brands decide on which teams (and members of the team) should get a pro deal and the reasons why
Where did a brand go, I had access but now I don’t?
A number of things could have caused a brand to no longer show up. The brand could have left, they could have changed their pro deal criteria and you no longer meet their criteria, or they may have taken their logo down temporarily due to inventory or store issues.
Why does my team have 60+ brands but I see less than that?
This can happen for two reasons; the brand may not ship to the address you have in your profile and you don’t see it. Or, the brand may have restricted access based on specific job type, age, gender, or location.
I work for a Manufacturer how can I get my brand on
We’d love to discuss how your brand could be on, simply go to the contact us form and select sales. Or go here for more information

Ordering & Orders

The order guideline state one per season, what’s a season?
Seasons are brand dependent, and are different in many cases. In most situations, a season is defined as the period of time that a brand elects to keep a store open. Once a brand updates their store, you are free to purchase again
Where's my order?
The Manufacturers on ship all orders on behalf of Each Manufacturer is different, but orders typically take 2-4 weeks to process and ship.

Before contacting ProMotive/ or the Manufacturer, check your credit card or bank statement. If you have been charged, it is likely the order has been processed and will ship shortly.
Is it possible to change an order once it has been placed?
Orders cannot be altered once they have been submitted to the Manufacturer for fulfillment.
My order is 'Pending Approval'. What does this mean?
Order status: 'Pending Approval' means that someone at your Organization/Team/Retailer has been emailed to review and 'Approve' your order. Once your order has been approved, will instantly submit the order to the Manufacturer for fulfillment.

If you are a manager and/or owner who would like to approve all orders before they process, Contact Us and we can alert you by email each time one of your staff places an order.
What does billing address mean?
When placing your order, you will be asked to enter a billing address, along with your credit card information. A billing address is the address that your bank or credit card company has on record for you, and is used to ensure the secure use of your credit card. Your billing address does not have to match your shipping address.
How do I know where my order is?
Tracking the progress of your order and access to order history is available by going to the My Account tab, and clicking on 'orders'.
Why does my discount appear for some items and not others?
You may have access to discounted products from the same Manufacturer at different prices and with different order/shipping rules through two or more purchasing programs. These price differences may be because for some opportunities you are viewed as one type of sales influencer and for others you are seen as a different type. (eg Membership on different Teams may give you access to the same Brand, but with very different discounts and product selections).

Additionally, if you are able to see your discount on some items and not on others, there may be additional training courses that need to be completed before the Brand will offer discounts on the additional products. (Only relevant to some Brands' VIP programs that require training).
Why does my bank statement show a pending charge for an amount other than my order total?
In certain cases, a pre-authorization is used to ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account to cover the order. The pre-authorization will remain as a pending transaction until it is removed and replaced by the actual charge.
I did not receive my entire order. What happened to the other items?
Items can go out of stock after an order has been submitted. Items that are out of stock at the time of processing are canceled from the order. You are welcome to reorder items that were not shipped.
Why is there a transaction fee on my order?
A transaction fee is applied to orders to cover the costs associated with fulfillment of your order. If a transaction fee applies to your order the amount will be shown during checkout and on your order confirmation. Shipping charges will be applied separately based on the delivery method.
Can I return or exchange?
Returning or exchanging product is at the discretion of the brand that was purchased from. This information is available under the order guidelines for each brand.
Can I purchase for my friend or family?
All purchases are for personal use only, unless otherwise stated in the brand-specific order guidelines.

Product Safety & Recalls

Current Product Safety Recalls & Notices
Brand Product Link to Notification
Clif Bar & Company Luna Chocolate Chunk 15-counts
Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Version 1, Sherpa 120 (SKU 11102)
Kurgo Kurgo Skybox Bike Basket
Slackline Industries (BYA Sports) Skyline Ziplines Kits in 60 foot length,   75 foot length and 90 foot length sold in camouflage packaging.
CLIF BAR® CLIF BAR® Nuts & Seeds energy bar all pack configurations with coded date ranges starting 08JUN16 through 21JAN17
CLIF BAR® CLIF BAR® Sierra Trail Mix energy bar all pack configurations with coded date ranges starting 05JUN16 through 24MAR17
CLIF BAR® CLIF® Mojo® Mountain Mix® trail mix bar all pack configurations with coded date ranges starting 16JUN16 through 02FEB17