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3point5 Retail Sales Professionals

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You know your stuff and Brands know it. They know you are the person your friends and family go to when they want advice on what gear to get. is a complementary service to Just as users of are limited to retail sales people, usage of is limited to select industry insiders with significant sales influence. Active users on who qualify to be a member of this Team will have access to more discounts from top Brands. While some of the discounts may be similar to those on, often Brands will only offer their deals on to select groups and teams. In exchange for these deep discounts Brands expect that you will tell others about their products and about the retail locations that carry their products.
To qualify to be a member of this team you must:
1) Register at Not on Register Here
2) Be a current sales associate at a retail location.
3) Have passed a training course on in the past 90 Days.
4) Have made a purchase on in the past year.
Once you have qualified on you will be given access to join this Team.
Have Questions? Please feel free to contact us.